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of Precast Concrete Staircases

About us

PBM is a European group whose mission is to meet the increasing demand for prefabricated,
concrete products and solutions in a sustainable, innovative manner.


A catalogue of 50.000 standard stair items with CE and NF. All your construction projects, from individual houses to apartment blocks, in France and Europe.

Spiral standard | Spiral by segment | Helical central void | Helical elliptical | Spiral with ovoid shaft | Spiral with std shaft | Winding staircase central void | Double winder | Straight | Straight carrier veil | Step by step | Other finishes

Public Works - Civil Engineering

Thanks to our expertise and the flexibility of our production sites, PBM enables you complete freedom regarding the geometric dimensions of your structures, and any scheduling and environmental constraints relating to your site.

Noise barriers | Retaining walls


A wide range of products that you can find at your building materials supplier. Our products meet all applicable standards and certain finishes can be applied to suit your requirements.

Windowsills | Wall Capping | Cap | Exterior landscaping | L-piece | L-wall | Planters | Plantable and modular units


A full range of step-by-step easy-to-assemble concrete stairs.
A major technological breakthrough for the construction industry, backed up by patented procedures.

B2M | Spiral | Stair kits | Stems and steps | Ready for all types of finish | Railings | Standard frameworks

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