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Our group is already established in three major fields.


With our wide range of products, we are involved in diverse construction and building renovation projects.
Our materials are widely used in the construction of apartment buildings and single family homes, and also for the creation of the infrastructures that are part of our daily lives. These may be commercial or industrial premises, such as factories and offices, or public places such as schools and hospitals.
We are able to carry out custom-designed projects in order to satisfy our customers' requirements as best as possible.
We specialize in made-to-measure items, with a Construction range that includes:
Stairs, ventilation and smoke extraction ducts, planters, elevator cages, terraces etc.

Public Works / Civil Engineering

We participate in numerous Public Works and Civil Engineering projects, involving the design, operation and rehabilitation of infrastructures and constructions, such as roads, tunnels, drains, etc.
We offer a wide range of products: noise barriers, retaining walls, bridge cornices, tunnel drainage systems and made-to-measure products for any construction project.
Always alert to our clients' needs, we are able to adapt to the geometric dimensions of structures, and to a site's scheduling and environmental constraints.
The Public Works - Civil Engineering range includes:
Acoustic screens, retaining walls.

Trade / Escalakit

GThanks to our location and our production capacity, we can be involved in a wide range of projects.
This is why we have chosen to make many of our products available through building materials suppliers, in the fields of structural works, exterior landscaping, drainage and roads infrastructure, urban furniture, retaining walls, and cellar modules.

Escalakit: the concrete stairs revolution
Thanks to our research, we have created the first step-by-step, easy-to-assemble concrete stairs kit.
Our concrete stair structures are available in various designs - straight, quarter turn, spiral or modular - to adapt to any situation.
The product offers numerous advantages: easy transportation, quick installation, solidity (no wear with use), no need for lifting gear, and precise, consist results. "Need a staircase? Use Escalakit" The other products made by the division are:
Windowsills, capping, PMR thresholds, etc.